Navigation Touch Screen Digitizer 8.0-inch For 2014-2019 Toyota Highlander LA080WV2 (TD)(01)
Touchscreen 8.0'' Fit Toyota Highlander Panasonic Radio LA080WV2 TD01
Touch Screen Digitizer 8-Pins For 2014-2019 Highlander Car Truck LA080WV2TD01
LCD Display Touch Screen Glass Panel For Highlander Car Truck 86140-0E051
Replace Damaged Cracked Scratched Radio Touch Screen Of Toyota Highlander JBL Navigation 86100-0E251

    Touch Screen Digitizer Replacement 8'' Fit For 14-19 Toyota® Highlander Entune™ 2.0 Radio

    $60.00 USD
    • Fit for Toyota® Highlander.
    • For GPS navigation touch screen digitizer, luxury audio unit, MFD, radio control system.
    • Replace touch screen having following problems: Loss of response to touch commands, scratches, cracks, dead pixels, or the polarized protection is wearing off etc..
    • Size: 8.0 inch (diagonially measured). 8-pins cable ribbon connector.
    • Part number / Face ID: LA080WV2 (TD)(01) / LA080WV2 (TD)(03) / 86140-0E051 / 86100-0E221 / 86100-0E251 / 86100-0E250 / 86100-0E260 / 86804-0E110 / 86804-0E120 / 86100-0E293 / 86100-0E300 / 86100-0E303 / 86100-0E291 / 86100-0E301 / 510160 / 57061 / 57063 / 57064 / 510390 / 510180 / 510179 / 86100.
    Features & Specifications:
    • Brand new and high quality, good operation radio touch screen replacement for Toyota® Highlander car.
    • If your vehicle's radio multi-function display (MFD) touchscreen not working, such as broken, cracked, shattered, scratched, dented, unresponsive, dead pixels, rainbow, frozen, dents or light marks in touchscreen, faded finish or finger marks in touchscreen, worn digitizer, black or blank display etc... our this screen will be a perfect replacement.
    • Will not fix dead MFD.
    • Fit for Toyota® Highlander Entune™ 2.0 radio GPS navigation / MFD (Multi-Function Display) / stereo touch screen digitizer.
    • Restores touch-control function for navigation, radio, system control and climate control systems.
    • Fit for 2014 - 2019 Toyota® Highlander Entune™ 2.0 8.0" JBL and Non-JBL premium navigation radio systems.
    • Size: 8.0 inch (185*111 mm).
    • View Area: 176.64*99.36 mm.
    • Interface: 8-Pin.
    • Thickness: 1.3mm.
    • Length of FPC (flexible print circuit) / Ribbon cable connector: 46.5mm.
    • Special feature: Support Can-Bus.
    • Main material: Glass.
    • TFT (LCD) technology.
    • Service lifetime: 1,000,000 times touch.
    • Warranty: 1 year.
    • Replacing touch screen: Loss of response to touch commands, dented, faded, scratched, cracked, dead pixels, or the polarized protection is wearing off.
    • Easy to fix-no expertise required.
    • No special programming needed-Plug and Play with 8-pin cable!
    • DIY car and truck radio touch screen repairs. No need to spend thousands of dollars at a dealership to replace your entire head unit or hundreds of dollars to purchase a radio display from third-party seller.
    Compatible with the following vehicles with radios made by Panasonic® (Faceplate ID begins with "5") (not for radios made by PIONEER®):
    • Fit For 2014 ~ 2019   Toyota® Highlander

    Compatible with LCD display Part Number (found on back of LCD / monitor upon disassembly):
    • LA080WV2 (TD)(01)
    • LA080WV2 (TD)(03)
    Compatible with radios Faceplate ID (beginning with "5", on the lower left or right hand corners of the trim just underneath the LCD screen):
    • 510159
    • 510160
    • 510179
    • 510180
    • 510390
    • 57061
    • 57063
    • 57064
    Please Note:
    If your Highlander Entune™ radio faceplate ID begins with "P", such as P10719, our this screen won't fit for your Highlander radio because it is manufactured by Pioneer®.

    Compatible with other part numbers:
    • 86100-0E221 / 86100-0E250 / 86100-0E251 / 86100-0E260 / 86100-0E271 / 86100-0E272 / 86100-0E290 / 86100-0E291 / 86100-0E293 / 86100-0E300 / 86100-0E301 / 86100-0E303
    • 86140-0E051 / 86140-0E190
    • 86804-0E110 / 86804-0E120 / 86804-0E270

    1. Installation instructions not included. Tool not included.
    2. It is only a touch panel, not including a LCD display.
    3. Please check the exact dimensions of the touch screen before buying to make sure that it is fit for your device. If there is any question/problem, please feel free to contact us.
    4. There is a layer of protective film on the surface of the panel. Please remove the protective film before using it.
    Package included:
    1x Touch screen

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